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Free Webinar Training for Animal Control Professionals.

Training Webinars

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National Animal Care & Control Association


The National Animal Care & Control Association is committed to setting the standard of professionalism in animal welfare and public safety through training, networking, and advocacy.


NACA envisions a world in which all animal care and control professionals are respected as essential public servants and receive consistent support, resources and training allowing them to effectively and compassionately achieve the highest quality of life for the animals and citizens in the community they serve.


The organizational values of National Animal Care & Control Association are:

  • professionalism
  • dedication
  • leadership
  • integrity
  • innovation
  • diversity
  • accessibility
  • compassion

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Humane Highlight May 2023

Humane Highlight May 2023

- Officer Jason Lessel - Jason created the 1st Animal Control Division in his county. H is currently Chief Director of Animal Control for the Town of Plantersville MS. Jason is a certified police officer that works in both fields. He told us " I work closely with...

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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

  Attention animal care and control professions! Do you want to gain easy-to-use evidence-based tools and increase your confidence in and ability to deal with mental health situations in your work as an animal care and control professional? Do you want to be able to...

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April ACO Graduates

A. Jarvis
C. Torres
T. Atchley
D. Barnes
R. Newson
S. Nix
E. Harrison
R. Bales
E. Henfield
S. Hernandez
H. Weidner
M. Peck
A. Wilson
C. Nelson
D. Howell
P. Helwig
S. Burton
S. Conrad
B. Adams
M. Rottmann
S. Quade
S. Perreira
A. Zuniga
T. Wagenknecht
A. White
R. Holton
S. Webb
N. Clarke
S. Johnson
A. Islamagic
F. Talladay
N. Rawdin
R. Onkka
A. Blume
D. Hayes
M. Macan
N. Schiller
T. Johnson
C. Patel
A. Pippenger
E. Trujillo
Eddie Trujillo
J. Hughes
N. Tambornini
A. Ortegon
J. Shenk
J. Szymoniak
T. Ford
B. McDonel
C. Kiehl
K. Viise
R. Mattox
N. Call
K. Walde
J. Weaver
A. Gonzales
A. Weddle
J. Johnson
K Antrim
L. Yeager
U. Ume
M. Phillips
M. Rellaford
B. Price
L. Moran
P. Mitch
S. Feucht
E. Hampton
A. Kuenzi
A. Gravely
C. Stinson
E. Casebeer
J. Day
T. Samms
R. Lane
T. Colonnello
N. Schaefer
S. Coleman
K. Harper
L. Caynor
R. Kjellgren
R. Anderson
S. Ulufale
D. Barbosa
K. Holtzen
M. Lawson
M. Bessing
B. Schram
B. Schargorodski
C. Meyer
J. Kent
J. Clark
K. Hawk
A. Oyerly
J. Kooistra
M. Lord
R. Finn
B. Soucy
J. Meister
K. Cash
S. Gilkey
W. Walsh IV
D. Adam
I. Stillman
M. Garcia
F. Pena
B. Ickes
J. Daugherty Jr.
M. Nix
C. Rhoads

Training & Certifications

NACA Webinars – Train Anywhere!

The NACA now includes a JCH Subscription as an Individual Membership Benefit! If you aren’t a current NACA member, be sure to sign up today!

Individual NACA Members Have Free Access To View All Scheduled & Past Webinars


NEW Updated NACA ACO I Certification Online Course

Designed for the busy working professional, each lesson is divided into bite sized “topics” that can be completed in 10-20 minutes each. Every week you’ll receive access to the next lesson in the course’s series. Now includes 25 hours of training!

After successful completion of the basic online ACO 1 Academy and Proctored Test, you will receive NACA’s Basic Animal Control Officer Certification. NACA Individual Membership includes a $100 Discount on this training!

NACA ACO II Certification Online Course

Your online Basic ACO Certification Course is filled with more than 20 hours of instruction, activities and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role.

After successful completion of the basic online ACO 2 Academy and Proctored Test, you will receive NACA’s National Animal Control Officer Certification.

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NACA is dedicated to your Professional Development. By joining NACA you’ll have access to the best training opportunities. You can also connect with fellow NACA members! In our member’s only site you can post your profile, collaborate together on projects, share your ideas & expertise with others.

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