(Effective January 1, 2019)

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Individual Member State
Association Partner
Agency Partner Corporate Partner  Honorary Member
Eligible to serve on the NACA Board of Directors  X
Voting Privileges  X
Access to the ‘Members Only’ areas of the NACA Network Website with the Membership Forums, Animal CareNews Archives, member blogs, member messaging, and much more!  X X X  X X
Discounts on certain NACA merchandise X X X  X X
Discounts on NACA Training Academy and Annual Training Conference registration fees X X X  X X
Free live webinars & 24×7 access to extensive library of recorded webinars. X
Eligible for NACA Training Academy scholarships X
Ability to post job openings for the member only rate of $20.00 X X X
Ability to post job openings for FREE! X  X
Qualify for NACA Awards

Animal Control Employee of the Year, Bill Lehman Memorial Award, Outstanding Agency Award, Diane Lane Award, and Outstanding State Association.

(In most cases awardees must be a current member or partner. Employee of the Year must be an Individual Member. Corporate Partners may qualify for Bill Lehman and Diane Lane Awards.)

X X X  X
One Year Subscription to the Animal Care & Control Magazine X X X  X
50% Off regular subscription price of Animal Sheltering, a bimonthly, magazine published by the Humane Society of the United States X X X  X
Eligible for NACA Sponsorship of State Association conference, listing of affiliation on the NACA website, and FREE registration for President at the annual NACA Training Conference X


Affiliated State Association Tier Incentives

Performance Measure

For every 25 State Members that use the Promo Code issued to the State Association

For every 100 State Members that use the Promo Code issued to the State Association

Association Tier Incentive

1 NACA Challenge Coin ($25.00 Value)

1 additional complementary NACA Training Conference Registration for the State Association to use as desired. ($325.00 Value)


The “Animal Care & Control Magazine” is a quarterly magazine published by the National Animal Care & Control Association. It contains articles addressing issues of interest to its members and others concerned with the ongoing Animal/Human relationship and associated problems.

Since product advertising is encouraged, the “Animal Care & Control Magazine” has become a resource of information for service and product reviews. The “Animal Care & Control Magazine” has a circulation of over 4,500 per issue, and is distributed in eight countries. As a NACA member, you will receive the greatest resource within our field!


NACA provides a number of training programs designed to prepare animal care and control professionals for the challenges of solving animal care and control problems in today’s world.

NACHO Training Academy (Modules A, B and C)
NACA Animal Control Officer Certification
Chemical Immobilization Certification
Euthanasia Certification

Individual Certificate Courses

  • Animal Handling Course for Disaster First Responders


Justice Clearinghouse / NACA Partnership includes: Free live webinar and 24×7 access to our extensive library of recorded webinars. FREE for Individual NACA Members. Click Here to view upcoming webinars.


The NACA Membership Network is the most extensive in the animal care and control industry. Members have access to the Membership Forum that reaches thousands of animal care and control professionals who share information to advance the health, morale, welfare, training and knowledge of animal care and control personnel and associations.


Animal Control Employee of the Year Award
Bill Lehman Memorial Award
Outstanding Animal Control Agency Award

The recipient of each of these awards receives a complimentary NACA Conference registration.

Outstanding State Association Award

The Association that wins this Award must be currently affiliated with NACA. The recipient of this Award will receive complimentary registration and $500 in sponsorship money for their next Conference.

Diane Lane Memorial Award

This award recognizes outstanding volunteer service.

As a NACA member, you are automatically eligible for any award that requires NACA membership.


Per the NACA Bylaws, Individual Members are the only type of NACA Members able to vote.


As a NACA member, you are automatically eligible for discounts on certain NACA resale items and registration for the NACA Annual Training Summit.

NACA Individual Members are able to post job openings on the NACA website for the member only rate of $20.00, and NACA Agency Members are able to post job openings for FREE!  Be sure to log in to the NACA website before purchasing your job opening to see these member rates.

Animal Sheltering is a bimonthly, full-color, and broad-reaching magazine, Animal Sheltering is for everyone who cares about the animals in their community—from humane society directors and city animal control managers to kennel staff, volunteers, and private individuals working as activists, breed rescuers, wildlife rehabbers, veterinarians, and more.

Animal Sheltering would like to offer NACA members 50% off the regular subscription price. To obtain this special member only rate, click on the image below:

The NACA Scholarship Program is temporarily on hold pending reorganization. Please accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience that this may have caused. This program is very important to NACA and we hope to have it available very soon. Again we apologize and thank you for your time and consideration.

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