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Animal care and control officers and agencies around the country are tasked with difficult and dangerous jobs.

The NACA team works every day to ensure that our members are properly equipped to perform their roles safely and effectively. With your generous gift, NACA can support officers with lifesaving tools, necessary safety equipment, vital funds during and after disastrous events, and equitable access to training:

  • $50 will purchase a vital safety tool for an officer in need
  • $100 will support an agency that needs assistance during an animal hoarding case, natural disaster or other significant operational event
  • $500 will send an officer through Animal Control Certification Courses
  • $1000 will purchase a ballistics vest for an officer in need. Animal Control Officers are not standard-issued these lifesaving vests like their law enforcement counterparts. 

Your support can make all the difference!

Together we can ensure a future where animal care and control professionals are respected as essential public servants and are able to effectively and compassionately achieve the highest quality of life for the animals and citizens in the community they serve.

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