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Nominating Committee

The committee is responsible for reviewing board applications, ensuring that each is equipped with the proper tools and motivation to carry out his or her responsibilities, and submitting a slate of viable candidates to the board for consideration.

Finance Committee

Oversee the financial administration of NACA.


Responsible for creating meeting agendas, scheduling committee meetings, ensuring timeline is followed and keeping committees on task.  Responsible for all printed materials (save the date cards, updating forms, brochure, program, and sponsor boards). Responsible for working with NACA Treasurer on developing conference budget.


The disaster committee advises the overall strategic direction of NACA as it relates to disaster response. At least one representative of the disaster committee is involved at the national level with the National Animal Rescue and Shelter Coalition (NARSC) and the committee acts as a liaison between NARSC and the rest of the Board.

Marketing & Communications

Support overall comprehensive marketing and communications strategy. Partner with staff to oversee a consistent and active communication strategy to all stakeholders for the purposes of program messaging, fundraising, awareness, and branding.

Strategic Planning

A Strategic Planner Committee Member is to define our organization’s direction and develop plans to realize our business objectives. They will help to maintain our competitive advantage and allocate resources appropriately for the accomplishment of the vision and mission. 

Strategic thinking is the most important skill in this role. Members should be analytical with strong organizational abilities.  

Ultimately, this committee will help the organization adapt to changes and grow. 

Education & Training

The Education and Training Committee advises staff in the direction and guidance on the long-term education and training goals and objectives of NACA. The committee will maintain the organization’s core curriculum and relate this curriculum to the Animal Care & Control profession. Focus primarily on addressing the educational needs of NACA members to develop and advance their careers. The committee will assure the accuracy and consistency of the content of instructional materials with the NACA mission and guidelines.  


The Membership Committee is responsible for supporting the mission, vision, purpose, and strategic plan of NACA. The Membership Committee is responsible for collaborating with committees, industry experts, membership, Board and staff liaisons on key strategies, challenges, and needs to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement, and retention. The Membership Committee may from time to time assess and recommend products, services, and programs that will add value to the membership.


The Development committee is responsible for developing a realistic fundraising plan alongside the staff of NACA. Assisting with board level fundraising tasks and organizing training as needed to ensure full support of the board to support the fundraising goals. The Development committee is responsible for developing and fostering relationships and a positive image of the organization within the industry and beyond.

Culture and Collaboration

The Culture and Collaboration council is designed to support equal representation of the organizations across the United States, in which NACA serves. Equal representation ensures that all areas of the country are represented and have a voice in innovation, program development and an active role in helping to move the needle for field services across the country. Diverse perspectives drive productivity, promote balance, and stimulate engagement. Each of these is vital to sustain the programs and initiatives of NACA while driving future success of the industry.

NACA Committees

Committees are charged with ensuring that NCA is effectively meeting its mission and goals. NACA strives to ensure diversity and inclusion are represented in committee compositions.

Committee Expectations:

  • Each committee shall keep records of its proceedings and make such reports as the Board may from time-to-time request.
  • Committees are not required to operate using parliamentary procedure; however, the objectives and principles of parliamentary procedure should be

In addition to the committee’s charges and goals, committee members must:

  • Be an active member of NACA
  • Be willing to serve at least 2 years
  • Be prepared to dedicate no less than 2 hours each month to the work of the committee, including participation in monthly meetings and projects
  • Demonstrate a professional background or interest that can enhance the objectives of the committee
  • Come to meetings prepared, having read the meeting agenda, and reviewing any provided supporting material.
  • Be open and willing to participate, speak up, ask questions, respect others, and be willing to criticize constructively.
  • Honor confidentiality, and behave ethically, professionally, and courteously.