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Events & Conference Planning

lans and coordinates all events and NACA support at conferences, ensuring they are successful and valuable for attendees.

  • Summit: Focuses specifically on organizing and managing the annual summit event.

Public Relations & Communications

Handles all external communications and public relations efforts to enhance the association’s visibility and reputation.

Professional Development & Training

Provides opportunities for members to develop their skills and knowledge through training programs and professional development initiatives.

Emergency Preparedness & Response

The disaster committee advises the overall strategic direction of NACA as it relates to disaster response. At least one representative of the disaster committee is involved at the national level with the National Animal Rescue and Shelter Coalition (NARSC) and the committee acts as a liaison between NARSC and the rest of the Board.

Financial Oversight & Budget

Manages the association’s finances, including budgeting, financial planning, and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

Growth & Advancement

Focuses on expanding the association’s impact and reach through strategic growth initiatives and partnerships.

  • Data and Research: Gathers and analyzes data to support the association’s growth strategies and inform decision-making.
  • Legislative and Policy: Monitors and advocates for legislative and policy changes that align with the association’s mission and goals.

Membership Engagement & Outreach

Works to engage current members and attract new ones through outreach initiatives and member services.

Recognition & Awards

Manages the nomination and selection process for NACA annual awards, recognizing outstanding contributions and achievements within the association.

NACA Committees

Committees are charged with ensuring that NCA is effectively meeting its mission and goals. NACA strives to ensure diversity and inclusion are represented in committee compositions.

Committee Expectations:

  • Each committee shall keep records of its proceedings and make such reports as the Board may from time-to-time request.
  • Committees are not required to operate using parliamentary procedure; however, the objectives and principles of parliamentary procedure should be

In addition to the committee’s charges and goals, committee members must:

  • Be an active member of NACA
  • Be willing to serve at least 2 years
  • Be prepared to dedicate no less than 2 hours each month to the work of the committee, including participation in monthly meetings and projects
  • Demonstrate a professional background or interest that can enhance the objectives of the committee
  • Come to meetings prepared, having read the meeting agenda, and reviewing any provided supporting material.
  • Be open and willing to participate, speak up, ask questions, respect others, and be willing to criticize constructively.
  • Honor confidentiality, and behave ethically, professionally, and courteously.