Chemical Immobilization Workshop

If you must do it, do it properly and professionally. Animal Control Officers must use chemical immobilization for capture purposes only as a last resort. When you have reached your final option, do you know how to safely achieve chemical capture lessening the liability for you and your employer?

Personnel need to know:

  • How to write a chemical immobilization policy for your agency.
  • The responsibilities associated with the use of remote chemical immobilization.
  • The legal considerations and required record keeping.
  • How to evaluate situations for appropriate application of chemical immobilization.
  • The proper dosage and administration techniques for drugs used.
  • The post-immobilization procedures that ensure humane treatment of the subject animal.
  • What steps to ensure public and personnel safety.
  • How to handle the media and public during the incident.
  • How to handle and use chemical immobilization equipment.

Tuition for the Chemical Immobilization Workshop is: $275.00

NACA Certification for Animal Control Professionals

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