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Disaster training, protocols, and resources

Disaster Responders

There is a current need for Animal Control Officers in some of the most heavily impacted areas! Current, we are recruiting for Emergency Response Teams as well as animal transport and placement. If your organization can assist, please complete the surveys below and we will collaborate with other responding agencies to match needs.

 If your organization is impacted and needs assistance, we are here for you too! All requests from impacted disaster areas must first go through Emergency Management and assigned a mission number, prior to being submitted to ensure alignment with proper emergency procedures. If you have questions about this process or need further assistance, please reach out to

Complete this form if your organization can offer trained emergency response personnel & equipment

Complete this form if your organization can transport or accept displaced animals

Complete this form if you are an agency in need of aid

By filling out the interest form, you are not guaranteed to deploy. Responders who do get deployed, do so under their own agency/organization, at their own cost (unless otherwise determined with the requesting agency) and in no way represent or respond on behalf of NACA. NACA is not responsible for any financial burdens or costs incurred by the responders or agencies. By filling out this form, you are not guaranteed to be contact for response; those whose training and available match the need may be contacted.

Please do NOT deploy to any disaster area or response efforts unless you are specifically requested to do so.




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