Code of Conduct

An Animal Care & Control professional acts as an official representative of the government, with rights, powers, duties, and authority conferred by statute. The fundamental duties include:

– Serving the community.
– Protecting the public and animals.
– Offering support and resources to pet owners.
– Enforcing relevant laws.

Conduct guidelines:

– Perform duties impartially, without bias based on status, sex, race, religion, etc.
– Maintain exemplary conduct on and off duty to uphold respect in the community.
– Avoid letting personal feelings influence official conduct.
– Conduct oneself in appearance and demeanor to inspire confidence and respect.

Use of discretion:

– Exercise discretion responsibly within the law.
– Consider all circumstances and options, such as education, before taking legal action.

Use of force:

– Use force only when necessary and reasonable to protect the public, animals, or oneself.
– Refrain from unnecessary infliction of pain or suffering.


– Maintain confidentiality of information obtained during duty, unless legal or ethical obligations require disclosure.


– Avoid corruption or bribery, and do not condone such acts by others.
– Uphold integrity to earn and maintain public trust.


– Assist colleagues fully and respectfully.

Professional development:

– Take responsibility for professional performance.
– Continuously enhance knowledge and competence through study and experience.

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