Corey Price – NACA’s January Humane Highlight

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January 7, 2022

Written by NACA


Name: Corey Price
Agency: Irving Animal Services

Corey Price is the Animal Services Manager for the City of Irving, Texas. She has been serving people and animals in Irving since 2014 and she says it’s the most rewarding and impactful job she has ever had. Prior to working in Irving, Corey spent more than 20 years working for non-profit animal welfare organizations including the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California, the Dumb Friends League in Colorado, and the SPCA of Texas.

While working at the SPCA of Texas, Corey assisted with several large-scale animal cruelty seizures, including the US Global Exotics case in 2009, which is still the largest seizure of animals in US History – more than 26,400 animals. These cases became a passion that led her to seek a job in the government sector where she could be more directly involved in field work.

Corey has been a leader in developing collaborative strategies to improve animal welfare across Texas, and nationwide. She coordinates an informal network of government animal services managers across North Texas who meet regularly, conduct region wide events, and help each other with urgent needs. Corey was a founding board member of Texas Unites for Animals and helped create one of the nation’s largest regional animal welfare conferences, which brings together non-profit shelters and rescue groups, and governmental shelters, to tackle animal issues from all angles. She also serves as a board member for the Association for Animal Welfare advancement, as a voice for governmental animal welfare organizations. Corey’s collaborative approach also launched the nation’s largest pet adoption event, Clear the Shelters, in partnership with NBCUniversal and Telemundo television stations. In 2022, Clear the Shelters will be in its 8th year, and to date, the event has resulted in more than 750,000 adoptions.

Corey has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Colorado State University. She shares her home with her husband and a geriatric Boston Terrier named Jack. She is also a proud mother of two adult sons who both live locally.

Being a member of NACA is about having access to training specifically designed for field work. It is also about networking with other animal services professionals and camaraderie.

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