Ballistic Vest Fund

Every day in America, a majority of animal control officers go to work without body armor. More than ever our officers are encountering criminals and mentally ill individuals with greater frequency. No animal control officer should be without the protection they need and deserve. NACA is working with our partner, the Safe Surfin Foundation to provide top of the line protection our officer desperately need. Your tax-deductible donation can start saving lives right now! Please donate today.

The National Animal Care & Control Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization formed in 1978 for the express purpose of assisting its members to perform their duties in a professional manner. Only carefully selected and properly trained animal control personnel can correct community problems resulting from irresponsible animal ownership.

Your tax deductible gift will help us to achieve our mission in setting the standard of professionalism in animal welfare and public safety through training, networking, and advocacy. The National Animal Care & Control Association is able to continue its mission because of your support and generosity. By contributing to a campaign listed below, you’ll help ensure that our work continues. Online donations are quick and easy using our secure credit card transactions. We welcome donations of all sizes.

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All of the scholarship funds have currently been awarded at this time. If you are a NACA member, you will receive an email when additional funds are available. And an “Apply Now” link will be on this page.

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