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National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week!

Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week

April 13-19, 2014

The National Animal Control Association is proud to announce our annual national effort to celebrate and promote the continuing upgrade and professionalism of Animal Control. As with other events designed to promote specific groups, professions, or other important causes NACA is pleased to provide all the necessary encouragement for all localities who would like to show their appreciation to their Animal Control agency or for all Animal Control agencies to have a special week of their own to show off their pride and get the recognition for the important services the these agencies provide all over the World.

This week of appreciation will finally give some recognition towards the hard-working men and women of Animal Control that risk their lives and spend huge amounts of personnel resources including time away from family and friends while serving the public like all the other public safety and law enforcement agencies involved and empowered with the same duties.

This will be the week that these hard working and dedicated Animal Control Officers can finally be honored in a way by having the whole community say, "Thank You", for helping when no one else would or would even know how to.

To begin the events during the week or just before should involve a public proclamation by a ranking official at a public meeting or press conference exclaiming how Animal Control and its officers risk life and limb by going out into the public and spend thousands of hours per man and woman doing jobs such as saving the lives of the community by rabies prevention, protecting the welfare of helpless animals and pets that are rescued from injury, disease, and starvation, and the giving of sanctuary to the millions of homeless animals that an uneducated society allows to multiply and then literally throws away on the street with like some much trash.

Other local departments can become involved in this event and show their support by sponsoring a lunch, meal, or send flowers, balloons, or a nice signed card for the officers of a certain shift during any particular day during that week.

During this week an "ACO of the Year" award could be presented in public by a ranking government or community official with plaque or certificate or both.

Also during this week the surrounding public could be contacted through local media to inform the community of the services provided by Animal Control and educate as many people as possible of the immense effort expended by their Animal Control Officers with few or limited resources when compared other larger public safety departments.

The final day of the week culminates with a "cake and punch" appreciation party held at a large reception area for all of the Animal Control agency personnel with special emphasis placed on all the officers and their individual special talents as performed throughout the previous year.

If you or anyone in your office has any ideas please send them to us at: naca@nacanet.org.