Unity of Animal Control & Sheltering

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September 2, 2023

Written by NACA


Unity of Animal Control & Sheltering

The National Animal Care and Control Association [NACA] supports the integration of animal control and sheltering services under unified leadership. The potential union of these essential functions represents an approach that will greatly benefit the animals and communities served.Animal control and sheltering share a common goal of ensuring the well-being and safety of animals, as well as fostering positive relationships with residents. Bringing these two vital services under the same leadership is an incredible opportunity to streamline processes, enhance coordination, and amplify the impact of all efforts.

Here are a few reasons why NACA believes this integration is worth considering:

  • Efficiency: Consolidating leadership can lead to more efficient resource allocation, reduced duplication of efforts, and a smoother workflow between animal control and sheltering
  • Comprehensive Care: Integrated leadership allows a seamless continuum of care for animals, from their initial interaction with animal control to their eventual placement or return to their
  • Community Engagement: With unified leadership, agencies and organizations can deliver a more consistent message to the community, promoting responsible pet ownership, animal
    welfare education, and adoption initiatives.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Close collaboration between animal control officers and shelter staff facilitates the sharing of expertise, knowledge, and best practices.
  • Effective Advocacy: A unified approach can strengthen advocacy efforts for improved animal welfare policies and regulations, benefiting both animals and the community as a

NACA believes that by unifying animal sheltering and animal control under the same leadership, agencies can foster a more comprehensive and impactful approach to animal welfare, achieve
more positive outcomes, and make a lasting impact on the lives of animals and the people who care for them.

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