Anthony (Tony) Rankin

Anthony Rankin, ASPCA NFR Team

Greetings to all my fellow animal control professionals and NACA members. My name is Anthony (Tony) Rankin and I am extremely excited for the opportunity to represent all of you as a board member of the National Animal Control Association.

I began my career in animal control in 2001 as an ACO for a small city in Arkansas and rose through the ranks at my organization to become the manager of a very progressive and professional animal services program. How many of you can relate to this? When I first took on the responsibility of being an ACO back in 2001 my training consisted of being handed a book of ordinances, the keys to an old truck, a catch pole and told not to get bit because the boss didn’t like to do paperwork. I bet that sounded familiar to a lot of you. Beginning any job like that is overwhelming to say the least and the learning curve looks more like tsunami. For a little over a year I struggled between the love I had found for the work and the constant stress of feeling like I had no idea what I was doing.

Just as that stress was winning the fight, I was given an opportunity to attend my first NACA training. For the first time since I took the job, I had a feeling of direction and had the good fortune to meet others that were fighting the same battle. That training and the fellowship I discovered there changed the course of my career and helped me to become a great officer with the skills and ability to help thousands of animals and people over the last two decades. I honestly feel indebted to NACA for the success of my career and I would be honored if you were to elect me to serve on the board. If elected I will strive to ensure that training and guidance will be available and affordable to all animal welfare professionals throughout the country because our profession can only move forward if we do it together.