September 2022 Humane Highlight  

Written by NACA

September 9, 2022


Meet Officer LaDue, NACA’s September Humane Highlight!!

Officer LaDue is an Cruelty Investigations Officer in KCMO through KC Pet Project’s Animal Services Division. His daily focus is to investigate cases of animal cruelty and then pursue those cases, when appropriate, at a municipal or state level. He is a highly dedicated animal welfare professional and strives every day to make a positive and lasting impact on the animals and people within my community. He is currently ACO I and ACO II certified, in addition to being a Fear Free Shelters Graduate!! In addition, he holds other prestigious in-house and local qualifications.  

When asked about his membership to NACA he had this to share with us! “NACA has connected me to a community of animal welfare professionals and provides comprehensive training that proves time and time again to be valuable both while handling the administrative part of our job as well as while providing field services. I am proud to be a member of NACA and to be certified through them. Thanks to NACA I have been getting to live my dream and have learned to perform my duties in a positive as well as effective way.”  

Thank you, Officer LaDue, for your dedication to the work, the animals, and the communities in which you serve. NACA is honored to have you as a member. 

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