Why is NACA Certification Important?

In today’s world, nearly every industry has certification standards for professionals in the field. Professional certification not only helps individuals demonstrate their competency, and show their commitment to the profession, it provides employers an effective way to evaluate whether a current, or prospective, employee possesses the skills and knowledge required for successful performance of their job duties.

As the leader in setting the standard for professionalism in the animal care and control field, the National Animal Care & Control Association began providing certification training to animal care and control professionals more than 25 years ago. With more than 12,000 individuals receiving certification training from NACA since our training programs began, NACA has become the foremost provider of animal care and control certification, and is the industry standard.

Continuing to Set the Standard

Obtaining a certification in animal care and control shows your organization, and the public you serve, your commitment to the animal care and control profession. The next step is to validate your dedication to the animal care and control profession by demonstrating that you are actively maintaining your competency year after year.  We firmly believe that animal care and control professionals who pursue continuing education credits on a regular basis are more aware, and better educated, when it comes to utilizing current practices within the field.

To continue setting the standard of professionalism within the animal care and control field, the National Animal Care & Control Association will begin offering animal care and control professionals the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the certifications they have earned by requiring continuing education units to maintain National Animal Care & Control Association certifications.

NACA Certification Process

Basic ACO Certification:

The online Basic ACO program is filled with more than 20 hours of instruction, activities, and exercises designed to help you grow and succeed in your role. It is designed for the busy working professional. Each lesson is divided into 5-10 topics that can be completed in 10-20 minutes each. Every week you’ll receive access to the next lesson in the course’s series.

After successful completion of the basic online ACO Academy and Proctored Test, you will receive NACA’s Basic Animal Control Officer Certification.

National Animal Control & Humane Officer Certification​:

The National Animal Care & Control Association and Code 3 Associates have partnered to develop a higher standard in animal care and cruelty investigation training & certification. The National Animal Control & Humane Officer Academy (NACHO) is intended for a wide variety of professionals including animal cruelty investigators, animal control officers, veterinary professionals, animal welfare workers, members of animal rescue groups & others who are responsible for the care and control of animals and the investigation of animal cruelty cases. The NACHO curriculum consists of three 40 hour, face to face, hands-on modules. Each face to face module provides instruction in all aspects of animal control and animal cruelty investigations. We recommend Module A be taken first, and modules B and C may be taken in any order.

After successful completion of the NACHO Modules A, B, & Test, you will receive the NACA’s National Animal Control & Humane Officer Certification.

It is not necessary to have previous or current experience in Animal Care and Control to attend our training. You must be 18 years of age to attend a NACA course

NACHO Training Academy

Online Basic ACO Certification Course

ACO Certification Curriculum Breakdown by NACHO Academy Module

Re-Certification Information Coming Soon

NACHO Training Cancellations

Code 3 Associates and NACA will always have the safety and health of those involved in our trainings at the forefront. We have been and will continue to monitor the situation in regard to the impact of Covid‐19. We feel it is an unnecessary risk for people to travel, and as such many agencies are not allowing their personnel to travel. We have canceled classes through May 8th and are evaluating future classes as more information arises, as this situation has an undetermined time frame. Please stay tuned for more information, and we will try to post updates on both websites and through social media when we know more. Thank you for your understanding and continued interest in our training.


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