2019 NACA Awards

The National Animal Care & Control Association
is committed to setting the standard of professionalism in animal welfare and public safety through training, networking, and advocacy.

November 5, 2019

Written by NACA


2019 NACA Awards
Congratulations to all the 2019 Award Receipients!

Agency / Organizational Awards
2019 Outstanding State Association – Colorado Association of Animal Control Officers
2019 Outstanding Animal Care and Control Agency – Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department
2019 Outstanding Law Enforcement Agency Award – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Individual Awards
2019 Community Leadership Award – David Dallahon
2019 Animal Welfare Leadership Award – Ryan Soulsby
2019 Veterinarian of the Year – Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore
2019 Prosecutor of the Year – Michelle Welch
2019 Bill Lehman Memorial Award – Amanda Giese
2019 Diane Lane Memorial Award – Dr. Jennifer Hennessey-Bremseth
2019 Animal Care and Control Employee of the Year Award – Henry Brzeninski
2019 Lifetime Achievement Award – Misha Goodman
2019 President’s Award – Paul Murphy


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