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Do you know someone who deserves recognition for the work that they do in the animal care and control field?

The National Animal Care & Control Association understands that the work we do is physically and emotionally demanding, and requires individuals of the strongest character. Therefore, we have been recognizing individuals, agencies, organizations, and state associations for more than 25 years on the national level for their service within the animal care and control field.

Those of us working in animal care and control know exactly how much sacrifice and dedication it takes to truly excel in this field. Show how much you appreciate the dedication of your fellow officers, kennel personnel, office staff, volunteers, state associations, veterinarians, and industry partners, by taking the time to nominate them today for one of the NACA Awards listed below.

2014 NACA Awards Nomination Form

Bill Lehman Memorial Award

This Award is given to an individual not directly employed in the animal care and control field, but who has shown an exceptional awareness in animal care and control related matters, which merits distinction. The recipient will be recognized as a “friend” of animal care and control, for contributions and outstanding action that has assisted in furthering the positive image of animal care and control professionals through local, state or national animal control associations.

Diane Lane Memorial Award

This Award is for outstanding volunteer service. The nominee selected to win this Award is someone who is not directly employed in the animal care and control field, but serves in volunteer capacity within the animal care and control field or other animal welfare related activities. He or she will have demonstrated exceptional dedication, or performed outstanding work far beyond the requirements of the volunteer position. To nominate someone for this Award, you must work with, or have direct first hand knowledge of the nominee. Support, or services provided by the nominee shall have directly benefited your agency or organization.

Animal Control Employee of the Year

This Award is given to an individual that has been directly involved in the animal care and control profession for a minimum of five years and is a current member of either NACA or his/her NACA Affiliated State Association. Recipients may be nominated for a single outstanding achievement in animal care and
control, or for long-term exceptional performance in the animal care and control field.

Outstanding State Association Award

This Award recognizes the State Animal Control Association that best promotes and exemplifies professionalism in the animal care and control field. Factors considered in granting this Award include the number of active members, increases in new members, improved quality of animal control programs within their state, active sponsors of seminars and training for members, and active in NACA sponsored training and events. The recipient of this Award must be an current NACA Affiliated State Association.

Outstanding Agency Award

This Award is given to a current Agency Member of NACA. Selection criterion for this Award includes effective training programs for personnel, outstanding/innovative public education programs, active community involvement, and average officer response time to calls for assistance.

R.D. 'Bob' Ward DVM Posthumous Award

This Award is for animal care and control employees who have been killed in the line of duty. NACA has a long history of acknowledging and honoring those among us who have made the ultimate sacrifice to the animal care and control field. Although we would all agree that if we never present this Award again, that it would be too soon, we don’t want to be remiss when the unthinkable occurs. When an individual in the employee of an animal care and control program is killed in the line of duty, allow all of us to honor and remember this person by notifying NACA so this Award may be presented.

Jamie McAloon-Lampman
NACA Awards Committee Chair
4500 North Access Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37415

Past NACA Award Winners

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