Recipient – Officer Kimberly Taylor

This award is given to an individual that has been directly involved in the animal care and control profession for a minimum of five years. Recipients may be nominated for a single outstanding achievement in animal one of the three specific groups, or long-term exceptional performance in the animal care and control field.

Officer Kimberly Taylor is dedicated to her job and the community. Her co-workers often hear her say “I love my job” and describe her as always up early, eager to help and always with a smile on her face. She is ready to tackle whatever needs to be done. She is knowledgeable and attentive; always giving the animals in her care what they need. From spearheading free and low-cost microchip clinics to finding an owner for a missing/lost animal, relocating snakes, rescuing a raccoon from barbed wire, or reuniting a baby bobcat in a tree on school grounds with its mother to lift the school lockdown (true stories!), she is there to do her job and do it well keep animals and community members safe.

Since being hired as the sole ACO in California City, California, Officer Kimberly Taylor has supported lifesaving efforts and contributed directly to increased adoption numbers, lower euthanasia rates and increases in licensing compliance. She successfully held three microchipping clinics as well. Congratulations Officer Kimberly Taylor, NACA is proud to recognize you and your amazing dedication and hard work to the animals and people in your community.