Jace Huggins Bio

Jace Huggins is the Chief Animal Control Officer for the City of Sacramento, Front Street Animal Shelter. Jace has managed both on the shelter and field services side and says he admires both for their unique challenges and intensity.

In 2012 he began his career in Field Services as an entry-level officer with the City of Sacramento and is now the Chief Animal Control Officer for the City. He oversees 12 Officers, who are tasked with handling over 16,000 service requests from t00,000+ citizens. He also oversees multiple field-based programs, including the Homeless Outreach and Assistance Program; a staff of 6 that assist unhoused pet owners and local co-habitation shelters. He also oversees the free monthly vaccine and microchip clinic and the “Promoting Animal Welfare and Safety” program.

Jace is an instructor for Code 3 Associates, teaching in the Module C EAST program, and has been honored to speak at multiple conferences such as NACA, AAWA, HSUS, CalAnimals, and Best Friends. He currently sits on both the AAWA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, and the NACA Culture and Collaboration Committee, and is also a commissioner in his home City for the Diversity and Inclusion Commission. He is deeply committed to DEI work in our field and believes “that by increasing our understanding of the past and actively working towards equity-centered programming in animal welfare we can improve community relations and the well-being of its animals also.”