NACA Award Nomination Form

NACA Award Nominations Are Now Being Accepted For:

Each year, NACA presents awards to outstanding organizations and individuals in the animal care and control field.  Nominations are now closed for 2019.

R.D. ‘Bob’ Ward Memorial Posthumous Award

This award is for animal care and control employees who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Bill Lehman Memorial Award

  1. The nominee shall be someone who is not directly employed in the animal care and control field, but has shown an exceptional awareness in animal care and control related matters which merits distinction.
  2. The recipient shall be recognized as a ‘friend’ of animal care and control, for contributions and outstanding action that assisted in furthering the education and/or positive image of animal care and control professionals through local, state or national animal care and control associations.

Diane Lane Memorial Award

For outstanding Volunteer Service

  1. The nominee shall be someone who is not directly employed int he animal care and control field, but a volunteer in animal welfare related activities, including education for animal care and control or the general public.
  2. The recipient shall have demonstrated exceptional dedication or performed outstanding work far and beyond the requirements of their volunteer position.
  3. To nominate someone for this award, you must work with, or have direct firsthand knowledge of the nominee. Support or services provided by the nominee shall have directly benefited your agency or organization.

Animal Care & Control Employee of the Year – 3 Awards (NACA Membership Required)

Animal Control Officer of the Year

Humane Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Animal Care/Shelter Professional of the Year

  1. The nominee shall have been directly involved in the animal care and control profession for a minimum of five years.
  2. The nominee shall be a current individual member of NACA.
  3. Recipient may be nominated for a single outstanding achievement in animal care and control or long-term exceptional performance in animal care and control work, including education of animal care and control professionals.

Outstanding State Association Award (NACA Membership Required)

  1. The association must be currently affiliated with NACA.
  2. All individuals in the association must be current members of NACA.
  3. Nominations shall be based on several factors:
  • Number of active members and new members.
  • Improved the quality of animal care and control within their state.
  • Active in sponsoring seminars/training for members.
  • Active in NACA sponsored training.

Outstanding Animal Care and Control Agency Award (NACA Membership Required)

  1. Must be a current agency member of NACA. (Agencies must join NACA directly as an agency member by paying the $125.00 annual dues.)
  2. Nominations should demonstrate the following for the agency:
  • Effective training program for personnel.
  • Outstanding and innovative public education programs.
  • Active community involvement.

Nominations are now closed.

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