Nina Stively

Nina Stively, Loudoun County Animal Services

My favorite food is grilled cheese. I know the best way to get my team’s attention is with food, so I thought I’d try it here, and hope that it worked. My name is Nina Stively, and I am asking you to consider giving me your vote for the 2020 NACA Board of Directors. I have been working in Animal Services for 18 years, first as a volunteer, then in shelter kennels in New Mexico, and over the years, found my way to the role of Director of Animal Services at our municipal agency here in Loudoun County, Virginia. I am fortunate to now be working for a County whose shelter and humane law enforcement team are all under one branch, which means that our sworn, armed, uniformed officers work side by side with our shelter team. I am also very lucky to have become NACA certified in the early days of my career, just a few weeks before walking into my first cat hoarding house. NACA gave me the foundation to handle that situation (bring your camera, your gloves and your Vicks), and from that point on, I knew that animal control was the path I would take. I love our industry, and I love that NACA has taken such a tremendous role in professionalizing what we do, but know that we still have work to do. To some people, we are still the pound, the dogcatchers, the kill shelters, but beyond the names, we are humans who love animals, and who have chosen this lifestyle, even when the days are long, when you can’t forget what you heard or saw that morning, and when you can’t get “that smell” out of your truck.

Some of the things I am most passionate about are youth outreach – getting kids to know what we do, trust us and aspire to the career- and quality of life for sheltered animals- making sure that we are modeling the humane, compassionate living conditions that we ask our communities to follow, even in the shelter environment. We all have different resources, and having worked in communities on both ends of the economic spectrum, I know how wide the gap can feel between the haves and the have nots. But, the great thing about NACA is that we all have each other for a resource. I hope to take this opportunity to continue to push us all towards more humane communities, in the streets, the shelters and the courtrooms, and if you have any questions, I will do my best to be accessible. Thank you for your consideration.