What is the NACA Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is designed to enhance NACA membership and programs by appointing Ambassadors who will:

  • Promote NACAs MissionTraining Programs, and the Organization.
  • Engage our membership and keep them excited about NACA Training Programs, and the Organization.
  • Provide support services for the Board, such as, research and assisting the Committees.
  • Represent NACA at National, State and Local training and events, such as, NACA booths at Expos, Conferences, and other Animal Care and Control events.

Duties of a NACA Ambassador:

  1. Ambassadors will serve as Representatives of NACA at various public and professional events, as directed, and approved by, the NACA President, or the NACA Board of Directors.
  2. Ambassadors may also be asked to provide volunteer time, and assistance as needed, to the NACA Board members, or serve on NACA Board Committees.
  3. Ambassadors will help educate and promote about NACA, as well as, promote membership within NACA.
  4. Ambassadors will be available to answer questions about NACA to the membership, the animal care and control community, and to the public.
  5. Ambassadors will also work closely with the NACA Board, and its Committees, as liaisons to share valuable feedback from the membership and the public at large, about the organization.

Who is eligible to be a NACA Ambassador?

To be eligible to be appointed by the Board you must be one of the following:

  • A current NACA Member in good standing.
  • A NACA Past President in good standing.
  • A Past NACA Board Member in good standing.

And must have the following credentials:

  1. Broad knowledge of NACA and our Mission.
  2. A current NACA membership.
  3. Must be a person of good morale background.
  4. Be in the animal care and control field, retired from the animal care and control field, or has had more than 5 years’ service in the animal care and control field.
  5. Must have a letter of recommendation from a current NACA Board Member, or current NACA Member in good standing.
  6. Must pass a criminal background check.
  7. A willingness to serve in a volunteer capacity.

What is the Application Process?

To apply to be a NACA Ambassador you must complete, digitally sign, and submit the Ambassador Application Form on the NACA website. (link at bottom of page)

The Ambassador Application Form includes:

  • Introduction about yourself.
  • Animal Care & Control Work History.
  • Letter(s) of recommendation.
  • Your statement of your willingness to serve in a volunteer capacity.

Upon submission, your application and letters will be reviewed and verified by the NACA Board, or the Ambassador Committee.

You will be contacted, and possibly interviewed, by member(s) of the NACA Board, or the Ambassador Committee.

Such Members(s) or Committee will then present your application, along with their findings and recommendations, to the current NACA Board of Directors for a vote.

You will then be notified as to the results of your acceptance into the Ambassador Program.

Terms and Appointments of Ambassadors:

Ambassadors are asked to commit to a minimum of 1 year of service.

There is no limit to the number of years an Ambassador may serve, as long as they are actively participating within the program.

An Ambassador’s time, travel and expenses are voluntary given, unless otherwise directed by the NACA President, and approved by the NACA Board of Directors.

Ambassadors serve at the pleasure of the NACA Board of Directors and may be removed from their positions at any time, by a majority Board vote.

The number of Ambassadors that serve at any given time will be limited at the discretion of the NACA Board of Directors.

Your Reward! … What do you get?

  1. Ambassadors receive recognition for their time and achievements while representing NACA. Such as: Awards, certificates or acknowledgment in NACA media or at NACA events.
  2. Ambassadors may receive discounted, or paid entry into NACA sponsored training or events.
  3. You will receive a NACA shirt and Lapel Pin.
  4. Personal and Professional growth within NACA and the animal care and control field.
  5. Gratitude of the Board and the NACA Membership!

Remember – NACA Membership is a requirement to serve as an Ambassador. Therefore, your membership must be current.

Call the Executive Office for additional information on the Ambassador Program.