Jim Crosby

James W. Crosby, Canine Aggression Consulting LLC

Retired Lieutenant James W. Crosby BS, MS, CBCC-KA (Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Jacksonville, FL, USA) has extensive canine behavioural training and expertise and served as Division Manager for Bay County (FL) Animal Control, and Management Consultant (acting chief) of Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services. Jim served on the Board of Directors of the Florida Animal Control Association and has worked with and assisted FACA, the Southeastern Animal Control Association, the Colorado Association of Animal Control Officers, the Alabama Animal Control Association, the Georgia Animal Control Association, and others across the US and Canada. Jim also assisted the Department of Animal Services for the Australian Capital Territory, leading a National Study on Dangerous Dog policy and procedure for the Australian Capital Territory Government. Jim assisted, on-site, the Australian Federal Police on a fatality case in Canberra, Australia. Jim is an internationally recognized authority and court accepted expert on canine attacks and aggression. Jim’s specialty is investigating dog bite related fatalities, especially evidentiary and behavioural factors involved in these deaths. Jim’s on-scene investigation of over 30 fatalities and post attack evaluation of over 50 subject dogs has been essential in numerous successful prosecutions. He assists prosecutors and agencies facing these cases and was recently on-scene for a homicide investigation in Central Georgia.

Jim assists in dogfighting investigations and was the expert on the Polk County, GA case wherein Devicio Rowland was sentenced to fifty years for dogfighting, the longest sentence for that crime in US history. Jim serves as an expert consultant regarding the use of deadly force by police officers against companion animals. Jim and his team recently won a landmark case in Missouri where an owner was awarded $750,000.00 for the unlawful killing of his dog by St. Louis County Police. Jim earned his Master’s Degree in Veterinary Forensics from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida and is completing his PhD studies there.

Jim is dedicated to the professional advancement of the Animal Control field and the cooperative working of Animal Control and Police agencies to investigate and prosecute animal related offenses, particularly abuse and cruelty. Jim believes that both official communities have much to share with each other, and the combination of both sets of expertise will advance the causes of animal welfare and justice. Both teams are a necessary, vital part of the mission to protect animals from people and people from animals. Both teams are also necessary in the fight for child protection and against human abuse and the escalation of animal violence to human victims.

Jim will combine his long Law Enforcement experience, his hands-on Animal Control experience, and his knowledge of animal behavior and investigative techniques to assist NACA in advancing the place of all Animal Care and Control Officers across the USA and our impact internationally.