Frank Corvino

Frank Corvino, LA County Department of Animal Care and Control

My name is Frank Corvino, I currently serve as a Deputy Director with the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control where I am helping one of the largest animal control organizations in the nation move into a new future of animal care. My journey and passion for animals started in 1986 at the Arizona Humane Society where I gained immeasurable insight into what it takes to manage a private non-profit organization who helps tens of thousands of animals a year. During my time with AHS I was Instrumental in the design and implementation of the industry’s first Emergency Animal Medical Technician (EAMT) program in the United States, resulting in the ability to provide immediate on-site emergency treatment to severely injured and ill animals. There, I also joined forces with the Maricopa County Attorneys Office and helped form the first Animal Cruelty Task Force and brought regional agencies together to focus on animal issues effecting each jurisdiction. After a fulfilling journey with AHS, in 2005, I became the Deputy Director for the Riverside County (CA) Department of Animal Services. Over 14 years I helped build 4 state of the art animal campuses and helped to institute life saving programs which brought a tremendous increase to positive outcomes and healthier communities. Through the years I have been directly involved in;
● Executive Leadership/Administration
● Financial Management
● Animal Shelter/Facilities Management
● Animal Control and Humane Investigations
● Fundraising and Development
● Community Relations, Board Relations
My passion is to serve. I love that life has allowed me to fulfill the roles which I have in the animal control and welfare profession, and to be part of a community of professionals with such heart, drive, compassion, and passion. Thank you for the opportunity to serve our community with NACA.