Tue, May 21st, 2019 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET


Multi-animal impounds can occur in urban and rural areas and they can very difficult to coordinate. The cost involved with these cases can run high and relinquishment or utilizing pre-conviction forfeiture tools is important. Media attention on these cases are trending and having your case run smoothly is a key to successful prosecutions.

This presentation is ideal for law enforcement, animal control officers, prosecutors, veterinarians, animal rescue and animal shelter professionals, new employees and supervisors too. Attendees will learn to initiate the case; resource procurement and coordination; cross-reporting to agencies that may be involved (e.g. attorney general, internal revenue service, environmental protection departments, health departments; licensing boards); evidence gathering and codification; types of evidence; crime scene security, mapping and volunteer/professional check-in stations; what to include in search warrants; handling live evidence and triage of animals on site; safety for animals and personnel on site and liability issues; man-made disaster preparedness; experts to consider; suggestions for arrest warrants, conditions bonds and sentencing options for defendants; things to consider in the weeks after impound is complete; easy access and sharing of evidence; presenting evidence to jury or judge; successful convictions; and out-of-the-box concepts and troubleshooting.