Chris Hadis

Chris Hadis, Commonwealth of Massachusetts


My name is Chris Hadis and I am a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. I have been around many species of animals my entire life and knew early on that I wanted to ensure their safety.  I began my career in animal protection twenty (20) years ago while serving as a municipal police officer.  In the course of my duties, I became very active with Animal Control and often filled in when the Animal Control Officer was unavailable. I voluntarily elected to receive training often on my own time and expense to better serve the Animal Control position.  I was also extremely active in humane crimes investigations and enforcement.  Today, I have moved on to become a State Animal Health Inspector with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, where I have a greater opportunity to ensure the health and safety of animals of all species on a larger scale.

In the course of my day, I frequently interact with Animal Control and Humane Officers throughout the state.  A major concern and pattern that I frequently observe is that most of the municipal Animal Control agencies I encounter are sustained on antiquated operating procedures. ACO’s are often underfunded, under paid, under trained, under equipped and underappreciated. This is what brings me here today and fuels my interest in serving on the Board of Directors. I will commit to the regular duties of the Board, if given the opportunity, I will be active with NACA’s training programs and program development.  I additionally commit to advocate for further professionalism of the Animal Control field.