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In Memory of Roy Marcum

roy marcum

The National Animal Control Association and our members mourn the loss of Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation Officer Roy Curtis Marcum, 45, of Elk Grove, California. Officer Marcum went to a Galt, California home on Wednesday afternoon to tend to animals left behind by an evicted resident. The home was supposed to be unoccupied, as the tenant was evicted the previous day.

When Officer Marcum and a bank official approached the home, a shotgun blast exploded through the front door, killing Officer Marcum and prompting a lengthy standoff with police. The suspect was taken into custody this morning.

This terrible tragedy is life-altering for Officer Marcum’s family and coworkers, and is a tragedy that has affected us all deeply to the core. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. NACA wishes to express its condolences to the Marcum family and the staff of the Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation Department for their loss. Additional details regarding memorial services and donations will be forthcoming when those details become available.

NACA has long recognized that Animal Control Officers encounter individuals with the same or greater frequency than other law enforcement officers. Some of these individuals engage in criminal activity, are armed, and can present an immediate threat to officer safety. Animal Control Officers deal with the same violent felons and armed criminals as other law enforcement officers. The number of assaults on Animal Control Officers has increased and officers have been shot and killed in the course of their duties.

The NACA Memorial Wall and Gardens, located at the NACA Corporate Office in Olathe, Kansas, is a permanent display/tribute to remember and honor NACA members employed as animal control officers that have died in the line of duty. The wall displays the names of these fallen animal control officers. The garden serves as a backdrop for the wall providing a serene and private area to reflect on the loss of these fallen members and to honor their memory. To view the Wall of Heroes, please follow this link:


National Animal Control Association advocates for increased safety precautions: Click here to view the press release.

Roy Marcum Memorial Fund

A memorial fund has been established to benefit the family of Roy Marcum who was fatally wounded on November 28, 2012, while carrying out his duties as an Animal Control Officer.

“Officer Marcum was an exceptional husband, father and County employee,” said Dave Dickinson, County Animal Shelter Director. “We have had the privilege of knowing Roy and his family for the past 12 years. We will never forget his efforts to protect and help the animals and pet owners of Sacramento County every day.”

Roy leaves behind his wife and four children.

We are deeply saddened by the loss our Animal Care family has suffered and will remember Roy for his infectious laugh, carefree demeanor and his ability to keep others calm.

Donations can be made payable to:

Memorial Fund for Roy Marcum
Account #82804846 (on the memo line)
Premier West Bank
9340 E. Stockton Blvd,
Elk Grove, CA 95624

The contact at the Premier West Bank is Kevin at 916-685-6546.


The family will confirm when the services are scheduled and at that time, we will post on these boards. The family welcomes the presence of the Animal Care industry to show our support for our fallen officer.

Thank you all, for the amazing support you have shown us, we are truly grateful.

Tara Diller, Division Manager
Sacramento County Animal Care