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The "NACA News" is a quarterly magazine published by the National Animal Care & Control Association. It contains articles addressing issues of interest to its members and others concerned with the ongoing Animal/Human relationship and associated problems.

Since product advertising is encouraged, the "NACA News" has become a resource of information for service and product reviews. The "NACA News" has a circulation of over 4,500 per issue, and is distributed in several other countries. As a member, you receive the greatest resource within our field!

Upcoming NACA News Themes

Ad & Copy Deadline: December 10, 2016
Distribution: February 1, 2017

Theme: Living on the Wild Side

What does your agency do with wildlife complaints? Does your agency respond to wildlife complaints? Do you have programs available to help mitigate conflicts with wildlife? How do you handle nuisance deer and geese calls? Does your jurisdiction have ordinances that prohibit the feeding of wildlife? Do these types of ordinances work? Tell us how your agency handles wildlife and provide some insight on the best ways to mitigate conflicts.

Ad & Copy Deadline: March 10, 2017
Distribution: May 1, 2017

Theme: Be the Solution

Is your agency proactive? What types of programs do you offer to your community to make our job easier? Do you offer spay/neuter initiatives, licensing programs, rabies vaccinations and microchip clinics? How have these programs worked to reduce shelter intake and promote responsible pet ownership? Give us some success stories.

Ad & Copy Deadline: June 10, 2017

Distribution: August 1, 2017

Theme: Safety: Don't Run with Scissors

How does your agency/community promote officer safety? What types of policies, procedures and training programs do you have in place to reduce on-the-job accidents and increase employee safety? Provide some examples and share your success stories.

Ad & Copy Deadline: September 10, 2017

Distribution: November 1, 2017

Theme: It's the Law

Does your jurisdiction have effective animal care and control laws/ordinances? Do the officers in your jurisdiction have the authority to provide effective enforcement? Are there effective laws in your jurisdiction that you believe would help other officers? What types of laws are lacking in your area? What are some of the laws that affect ACOs and how we perform our duties? How do other areas of law affect the animal care and control profession? Provide examples or case studies to highlight these laws.


To Submit an Article

We are looking for interesting and informative articles for our NACA News readers to enjoy and learn from covering topics related to the Animal Control/Care field, to include product reviews, NACA member profiles, the technical aspects of Animal Control/Care work, or even something humorous pertaining to your experiences in the field or shelter. Articles from NACA Members, as well as articles pertaining to the theme, receive primary consideration.

NACA encourages you to get that pencil and paper ready! Below are the basic guidelines to follow when submitting articles and images for review and possible publication:

Articles should ONLY be in either Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Rich Text Format or Plain Text. (Please do not submit articles in HTML format as we have standard templates we use for article insertion). Times New Roman, 10 point, left justified, single-spaced.

Articles should be submitted prior to the copy deadline.

Length should not exceed 1500 words (give or take a few - some exceptions can be made depending on the article content) and should be no less than 500 words. If your submission is over 1500 words, you may want to consider dividing it into parts - e.g., Part One, Part Two, etc. (keeping in mind that the follow up articles need to be completed for the next issue deadlines).

Accompanying images should be at least 300 DPI and no larger than 500 pixels on the longest side (this allows us room to re-size and add Drop Shadow, etc.). Should we need additional images we will request them from you. Please DO NOT embed photos within your e-mail message or within your document. Photos should be sent as a separate file attachment.

The number of images should be limited to 4-5 to allow us a few choices for placement in the article.

Articles must pertain to some aspect of Animal Control/Care and the issue's theme, if possible.

Include a short, 2-3 sentence, "bio" about yourself and your position, along with your contact information.

Once you have the article completed, along with the images that you wish to be included, please send them as e-mail attachments to for review. THANKS!!!

P.S. As with any publication and space restrictions, be mindful that not all submissions will get published.

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